We are a family run business that was established in 1983.  It all started with a small faucet sprayer, made in Italy, as it still is to this day; that eliminated the need for customers to replace their kitchen faucet to get a pressure sprayer. It soon became obvious this inexpensive easy to install gadget was really more than that, it actually worked, and worked and kept on working, for up to 10 years! A few years later as sinks became larger, we added the Metal Flex Hose style which easily cleans the largest sinks . . . even one as large as a laundry tub!

We have aimed to give our customers the best water conserving aerator/sprayers and later added shower heads with the best water pressure possible, whilst using the the least volume of water. The Water Magic shower heads are solid brass construction designed to operate flawlessly, forever with minimal maintenance. With the reduced flow rate, 1.8 gals/min, and the installed flow control, our shower head is pleasing for the whole family.

With the success of the shower head with it's flow control, we designed a separate flow control for faucet use, that can easily be added to any faucet and is a great compliment to any of our sprayer/aerators. The flow control serves two prime functions, water conservation and a hygienic way to operate faucets. The solid metal construction delivers years of service. 

We strive to succeed in the best customer service available.














Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Water Magic?

All Water Magic products come with cleaning instructions. Simply they dis-assemble and are safe to clean with vinegar.

Does the Water Magic fit all faucets?

Yes, the Water Magic fits external thread faucets and with the supplied metal adapter internal thread faucets. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, in the trailer and motor home to name a few.

My Flow control "leaks" when off is this normal?

Yes the flow control will not shut off completely, the leak is engineered to remind you to turn the faucet off when you are done using the flow control. Additionally the leak will allow the water to stay mixed so when it is turned back on it will be at your pre-set temperature. Once you are done using your flow control turn the water off at the tap.

Are the Water Magics guaranteed?

Yes this is on the package, all products come with a full one year guarantee, the shower heads # 701 and # 701G come with a life time guarantee.

Why do Water Magics last years but retail sprayers only last for months?

Water Magic sprayers will last for up to 10 years with proper care and occasional cleaning. Where your Water Magic fastens to your faucet we use metal components not plastic like other brands, even the adapter we supply is metal. The metal ball joint and metal flex hose outlast plastic components.